Mr. McDouall March 2017

I refer to our correspondence in September 2016 and your phone call to me on the 9th of that month. I thought you would like to know that my solar PV system is outperforming all estimates.

A generation in the year of 3588. You will recall that the original estimate on the quotation was an annual generation of 2709, which was later revised up to 3350. Actual is beating the revised higher estimate by over 7%.

I am a very satisfied customer.

Mr. Hunter March 2017

Dear Claire,

I invited EEC Home Improvements to be one of three quotes when I was looking to install Solar Panels at my home address in Ainsdale. Your surveyor and sales representative was Adam Killa, he called us in advance, arrived on time and was courteous, pleasant and very knowledgable. I particularly liked his openness about the performance and limits of solar panels and immediately trusted his advice. He did exactly as he promised; he provided all the facts, the cost and then left us alone to make a decision; unlike some of the other companies that rang us repeatedly for a decision; it was refreshing that EEC had the confidence in their product to allow us the time to decide without pressure. The installation team were punctual, polite and extremely tidy and I felt confident that we had chosen the right company. I find my next comment quite amusing; Adam did our pre installation calculations which he left with us to consider; he was very honest about underestimating slightly in order to give us realistic expectations on our feed back tariff. Having had the installation for over a year now, I can say it is probably the best investment we have ever made; my electricity bills have gone down substantially and the only hiccup I had last summer and autumn was from my energy supplier insisting that I forward photographs with my meter reading because they considered our system was outperforming what they thought was possible. I am more than delighted with the feed back tariff returns; they have exceeded expectations by over £100 in the first year and on the couple of occasions I have telephoned the EEC offices the team there have been friendly and helpful. If I was having the same job done again I would choose the impressive team at EEC Home Improvements without hesitation.

Chris Hunter

Mrs. Biggs Southport March 2017

I am pleased to submit the following recommendation;

I contacted EEC Home Improvements – EEC Solar. They were listed on my Local Trusted Traders website. I also contacted 2 other local firms. I was looking for a way to generate energy more efficiently, save money and help the environment too, therefore I looked into using solar panels. However, following the initial visit from representatives of all the companies, EEC Solar stood out as the clear leader. As well as being recognised and affiliated to the trading and governing bodies, I was most impressed with their thoroughness. Unlike particularly one of the other firms they were not out merely to get a sale or offer me a cheap finance deal.

The initial visit from their representative was really thorough. Not rushed. He did a full physical survey of my property. So from the beginning I knew whether it was going to be worthwhile going ahead. Everything was done ‘all upfront’ as it were. I was given a copy of the survey produced. It showed a diagram of the position of the sun relative to the positioning of the panels on the roof. Factored in was the effect of any shadow produced from surrounding trees, buildings and chimneys. I was advised of the number of panels I would need for maximum gain and the installation cost. I asked if more panels would not be more effective but was advised that the extra cost involved would not be more beneficial. I was given a calculation of the income from the amount of energy produced from the Feed Back Tariff Government scheme, plus as well the saving I would make by using my own energy thus not relying totally on buying it from the National Grid. I was amazed to be advised that I would be paid on all the energy I produced regardless of how much I used of it myself. Moreover, I was advised that the Solar Edge System was such that it provided panels that worked independently of each other. Thus, if in the unlikely event that one panel became defective, this would not affect the other panels. Now I was well impressed with this. Further, to be told that I would be able to monitor my system with their Solar App on my computer and mobile phone so I could see on display how well my system was performing. So I would be aware of what was happening on the roof. Marvellous.

I was advised by the representative that there were only 2 days remaining before the Government’s Feed In Tariff (FIT) would be reduced so he would make sure that I would have my system installed before the deadline. They kept their word. The installation team were very efficient. All 13 panels and equipment were installed within the day. They were extremely polite and helpful, keeping me informed of how the work was progressing. Everything was done within the day by 6pm.

As I had to get my system registered onto the government FIT scheme by midnight I needed help. No problem here with EEC Solar. Just a helpful call to their office and all the forms were completed and sent off. I was literally guided through paragraph by paragraph. Wonderful.

Following installation I was visited again to ensure everything was working.

My electricity bill has been halved. I am delighted. My only regret is that I didn’t look into this sooner.

So I am now going ahead and having a Battery Storage System installed by EEC Solar. Nothing like being able to use home produced electricity 24hours a day. And the saving? Just can’t wait.

Margaret Biggs

Mr. Chiad Southport March 2017

Dear Mrs. Claire,

The EEC Home Improvement company has installed in our house, PV Solar Panels (sixteen Panels) in the last three years, and other sixteen panels last year together with battery storage system.

The company services were excellent as they have a good team of installers and after care support. We are fully satisfied with their services and follow-up after installation.

Hadi Chiad