24 Hour Monitoring

EEC Home Improvement can offer 24-hour monitoring through Hawkeye Security Care Ltd. An independent dedicated BS 50518 standard monitoring station. We receive an excellent service from Hawkeye and connect all our customers to this Alarm Receiving Centre.

Hawkeye Security Care Ltd. offers peace of mind that comes with 24-hour coverage at a fixed low price.

How it works:

Their 24-hour monitoring station offers comfort knowing that your home is protected and secured always.

If your alarm or care unit is activated it will transmit a signal to their 24-hour monitoring station and an operator will respond by way of two-way speech module for our care systems or by a designated telephone number, to establish reason for activation. If unable to contact the customer or someone answers that is unable to confirm identification, they will contact the appropriate emergency services.

The operator will also notify any friend, family or neighbors provided by yourself and advise them of the situation,

Hawkeye Security Care’s monitoring station operates nationwide 24 hours a day 365 days a year.