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A Rated Boilers

Replacing an old boiler with an A rated high efficiency condensing boiler and improving your heating could save you as much as £310 per year*. (*Source: Energy Saving Trust)

A Rated boilers are considered the most efficient with the SEDBUK (seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK) Boiler Efficiency Ratings. A Rated Boilers work at 90% efficiency compared to lower rated boilers. As of 2010, all new boilers must be at least 88% efficient and rated A.

Boilers are rated A-G (A being the most efficient, G Being the least efficient).

A Rated boilers are environmentally friendly, produce less carbon emissions and could save you money on energy bills. Since 2005, all new boilers must also be condensing. (Except under exceptional circumstances) A condensing boiler will capture heat, which would usually escape from the flue when using a non-condensing boiler, and re-use it.

Fitting the correct boiler for your home or business will supply and meet your daily heat and hot water demands. We offer a free no obligation quote for our entire range of A rated boilers. One of EEC Home Improvements experts will visit your home to take you through all of your options, working with your budget in mind. We will advise you about our energy efficient A rated boilers and what you are expected to save depending on your heat and hot water usages.

EEC Home Improvements not only provide the best service, we are also trying to help you save on your energy bills by using the most energy efficient products available, which depending on the model, could offer up to 7 years full cover.

Gas Saver ‘top box’

Fitting a gas saver ‘top box’ to any of our Alpha boilers is a simple way of taking energy efficiency to a higher level.

Positioned neatly above the boiler, this compact unit extracts heat from waste and gases that are normally expelled into the atmosphere through the boiler flue. This is then used to pre-heat cold mains water before it enters the boiler.

As the boiler is then heating warmed water rather than cold, an average 35% less gas is used to produce hot water, reducing your energy bills.

Gas saver operates without any controls or electricity

Premier Pack:

Fitting any of our Intec boilers with the ingenious premier pack wall-mounting jig automatically gives them an extra 2 years guarantee.

Depending on the boiler model, this means up to 7 years parts and labour cover.

The premier pack incorporates the Alpha Cyclone device, which uses centrifugal force to remove debris from the heating system. This technology is proven to reduce instances of boiler failure through damage to the pump. It also comes with a number of features that make the boiler installation easier and quicker. Once premier pack is in place, piping-up can be done prior to the boiler being hung. For more information on the premier pack contact EEC Home Improvements.


All A rated boilers will come with a guarantee; depending on the model of your boiler, you will receive 2, 3 or 5 years manufacturer’s guarantee.

We can fit any make of boiler you require just contact us for a free no obligation quote!

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