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Artificial Grass

“Did you know that in just one hour, a petrol lawnmower can generate the same level of pollution as a car engine does on a four-hour journey?”. – Daily Mail

100% Safe, No Mowing & No Maintenance!

It’s definitely greener on our side!

Originally used for football pitches and other sports arenas, artificial grass (also known as permanent grass or fake grass) is now seen in residential home gardens. Often used for the whole outdoor area or sometimes just for certain high-use areas, such as around garden decking. It’s also frequently used in children’s nurseries and school playgrounds.

There are plenty of good reasons why artificial grass is used by commercial business’. The main reason is that the artificial grass is so good, it’s only when you’re really close you can see it’s not actually real grass. It also looks great all year round — no more brown patches in the summer or worn non-growing areas under shaded trees.

Permanent grass offers many years of almost maintenance-free use. There is no need to cut it, water it or to use artificial fertiliser or pesticides. It’s also great for kids to play on, as it won’t stain clothes or footwear.

Artificial grass is in high demand, whether it will be used for Astroturf, or an artificial lawn, EEC Home Improvements supply and install the highest quality artificial grass, ensuring you will have many years of a hassle free garden.

First of all, we offer a FREE no obligation written survey and quotation for customers nationwide. EEC Home Improvements are committed to making sure our customers are happy with their choice, so before we arrange to lay the artificial grass, our advisor will show you lots of different fake grass options to choose from.

EEC Home Improvements provide different shades and textures of grass, depending on your requirements and budget, whether you are a homeowner or business owner looking for a large or small artificial grass lawn, EEC Home Improvements can assist you, so book your FREE artificial grass survey today and get that garden you‘ve always dreamed of.

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We will work with you to make sure you choose the best paving for your home which is within your budget. If you are considering a natural finish or something more contemporary EEC Home Improvements will meet all your requirements.

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