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Central Heating

“We won’t leave you in the cold”

Whatever your central heating requirements, EEC Home Improvements can provide a central heating installation solution, from fitting a single radiator to providing multi-zone controlled heating. EEC fit all types of domestic and small commercial heating and hot water systems.

Old central heating systems, plumbing and boilers could be costing you a lot of money – far more, in the long run, than the cost of a new central heating system. For example, boilers account for around 60% of your energy bills, so an efficient boiler can massively bump up your annual heating bills.

The three main types of household heating and water systems include Conventional Open Vented Heating Systems, Combination Boiler Systems and Mains Pressure (Unvented) Systems.

Updated central heating systems are designed to be energy efficient, whilst still providing warmth throughout your whole home, ensuring you and your family are comfortable and warm all year round. Not only will you and your family feel more comfortable, you wont have to worry about extortionate energy bills with an energy efficient heating system installed.

Many people favour gas central heating systems over other, less efficient heating options, as they can be programmed to certain heats, be programmed to switch on/off at certain times throughout the day and unlike most heating systems, they are almost silent. Gas is the most widely used heating fuel in the UK, and is cheaper to use than electric, LPG or heating oil. Gas if fed into your home through pipes meaning you don’t have to store any fuel. Just to sum that up – that’s hassle free heating, reduced noise, reduced energy bills and a warmer home…. what are you waiting for? Give us a call.

EEC Home Improvements provide a number of central heating services & options:

• Full central heating systems

• Gas leaks & repairs

• Boiler installation – EEC only install A Rated Boilers

• Boiler servicing and maintenance

• Combi-boiler specialists

• Energy efficient radiators

• Thermostatic radiator valves

Anyone carrying out work on your home involving gas is required by law to be on the Gas Safe register. EEC Home Improvements only work with installers who are Gas Safe Registered. Never attempt to interfere with a gas appliance yourself; you will be putting yourself and your family in serious danger of carbon monoxide poisoning or gas explosions. Work that must be carried out by a registered Gas Safe engineer includes:

• Installing, repairing or servicing a gas boiler.

• Installing or repairing a gas fire, gas cooker or hob.

Every job we do is treated with a personal touch, a high level of service and quality assurance. At EEC Home Improvements it is our aim to deliver the highest quality services at the best possible price.