Recommend & Refer

There are lots of great reasons for choosing EEC Home Improvements, whether it’s the quality of our products and services, the wide range of products we offer or the environmental benefits.

The big consideration is value. First and foremost there’s the value for money of what we offer. Then there’s the extra value many of our improvements could add to your home as well. On top of that, there’s also the income you can get from the Government by installing energy-efficient systems.

Now there’s another way of getting even better value. And that’s by recommending us to your friends or family, colleagues or neighbours.

With our Recommend & Refer system, we’ll refund you money from the cost of your purchase each time someone you recommend purchases something similar from us, the more people you recommend, the more money you can get back. It’s that simple.

What you can earn

You’re eligible for Recommend & Refer if you’ve had any improvement order with us costing over £3,500. This could include a solar PV or solar thermal system, for example, or a conservatory, loft conversion or garage conversion. You’ll earn £150 for each referral who purchase any home improvements worth £3,500 or more from us.

It’s a great way for us to show our appreciation for your business and for you to earn extra money — so by all means start making those referrals today!