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Roof Windows

Traditional roof lights have been used for many hundreds of years, but the development of the modern double-glazed, fully openable roof window has brought light and life to many otherwise unusable roof spaces.

When you are thinking about installing Roof Windows it is important to think about the position of your home and rooms.

A South-facing window will capture a lot of sunlight throughout the day time. A North-facing window will only capture weak sunlight throughout the day, it will not capture direct sunlight. An East-facing window will catch the rising sun, and a West-facing window will capture sunlight from early afternoon onwards.

You need to find out which way the sun rises and sets on your property, we can help you do this if you are not sure which way your house is facing. Once we have this information we can then help you decide placement in such a way that the Roof Window helps you maximise sunlight.