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Solar Thermal

Save on bills by generating around half of your hot water requirements with a Solar Thermal System.

EEC’s Solar Thermal Systems generate heat collected in solar panels in a specially formulated solar fluid. This runs through pipework that heats your water — typically generating 40-50% (around half) of your hot water requirements.

Benefits of Solar Thermal:

Installed in a day

Hot water free throughout summer months

Help to pre-heat your water in winter (save on boiler usage)

Fully guaranteed

Potential income from the RHI

Fixed price quotation

Solar thermal collects energy from daylight rather than heat, which means that it works even on cold winter days. The exact amount depends on the level of sunlight around.

Many homes and businesses choose to install a Solar Thermal System to reduce their heating bills due to a special government incentive called the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive). EEC Home Improvements can install Solar Thermal on any roof type including commercial properties, hotels, leisure centres and agricultural buildings.

What you could save:

Your solar thermal panels should pay for themselves in a relatively short period of time. Subject to your hot water usage, Solar Thermal could produce all your hot water in the summer and help preheat your water in the winter. On average, Solar Thermal generates 40-50% of your annual hot water requirements.

Solar Thermal can cut your rising energy bills.*

Solar Thermal can cut your carbon emissions.

Solar Thermal can reduce boiler usage in the Winter.*

*Subject to size of the system installed, water usage and where you are in the country.

“Is my home suitable for Solar Thermal?”

Solar Thermal is suitable as long as you have a location on your property facing anywhere between the south-west and south-east (usually, but not necessarily a roof), then it’s likely your home is suitable. If unfortunately your roof is not suitable, there are other options available. We may be able to install Solar Thermal on an A-Frame, panels can then be angled to receive maximum energy from the sun.

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