Mr. Hempshall

December 2015.

You will be please to know that the Solar Panel installation at the above address has produced 3231kWh in the second year; slightly above last years total.

The highest weekly total was 128.88 units, and the lowest was 10.51 units. The highest daily total was 26.17 units, and the lowest total was 0.13 units. There was 20 days where the reading was above 20kWh and 18 days below 1kWh.

My direct debit to Scottish Power is currently £64, compared to £115 before installation.

F.R Charnock wrote to EEC Home Improvements (Solar PV)

“I would just like to say that I have been most impressed by your overall organisation. Your reresentative Adam Killa gave an excellent presentation to enable me to make my desicion and when the installers came, the fitter John Ball Jnr also talked me through what i needed to do and the panel installers did their job to (what my neighbour assured me) a very high standard.”

William Brown Wrote to EEC Home Improvements (Solar PV)

“I would like to place on record my thanks to Grant Woolaston and EEC Solar for the fantastic job they did installing my Solar PV System. The whole process was completed to my complete satisfaction. Grant stayed in touch through the whole process including after the installation, which I am very gratefull. I would not hesitate to recommend Grant and EEC Solar to my friends and family in the futre. Kepp up the good work.”

Pauline Lyon Wrote to EEC Home Improvements (Solar PV)

“Since first encountering EEC Solar on recommend, I had first class attention. The efficiency of all contact on the telephone and personally was extremely good and most refreshing in these times. I would also like to place on record my thanks to Grant for his continued support.”

Mr A W Lyon to EEC Home Improvements (Solar PV)

“EEC Solar as a company have been a pleasure to do business with. I have found it’s staff at all levels to be most competent and helpful. From my initial enquiry onwards there was a promt response but certainly no ‘hard sell’ – indeed it needs none – the scheme really sells itself. All the options were fully explained. Installation was prompt as agreed and neatly and tidily completed and several follow-up enquires have been made to guide through the Feed In Tarriff prcedure, to ensure my satisfaction. I have recommended EEC Solar and its efficient service to a number of my firends.”

Mrs S W Mossman wrote to EEC Home Improvements (Solar PV)

“They say everything comes to those who wait, and now after being interested in Solar power for at least 40 years, I have taken the plunge. When EEC rang to say they were in our area, I didnt look at it as ‘cold calling’ more as a chance to have someone come and explain what happens (as regards to the fitting of the panels) and how it works. Mike was extremely helpful. I had tried to think of questions to ask, but most were explained fully before asking. I really take my hat off to the installers, very quick and professional whilst working in adverse weather conditions – extremely windy and very cold. I am very pleased to of had EEC carry out the work and will certainly recommend them to anyone and everyone i meet.”

Mervyn and Mary Dent wrote to EEC Home Improvements (Solar PV)

“Having recently dealt with the comapny EEC Solar for Solar PV electricity, we are happy to give a reference for their service and installation. The initial discussion with Adam Killa gave us a thorough summary of the background and benefits of Solar PV installation; and the likely energy production and the projected savings. We also had contact with Head Office, during the discussion, to check that we had been given sufficient details and costs for the work. Having been given written details of the installation, we were given space to consider it. We were happy to contact the company in order to accept the quotation. Follow-up arranged quickly, and the fitters worked efficiently and quickly (less than a full day) Because of the service provided we were happy to recommend EEC Solar to a friend, and have benefited from the ‘introduction fee’. We are happy to say EEC Solar have provided an excellent service”

Trevor and Sarah Wood wrote to EEC Home Improvements (Solar PV)

“EEC Solar were very tidy, polite and helpful with their explanations of what was happening. Grant explained the procedure that was going to happen, plus he continued to provide contact after fitting, visiiting our property and communicating to us over the phone . We would recommend this firm to anyone, friend, family and strangers.”

James Mackley posted on ECO experts (Solar PV)

“I was sent four possible installers contact numbers and contacted three of them. Due to the time pressure (Tariff Change on 1st August) I was only able to receive one quote for this work. The company I selected was EEC Solar and even though they were not ‘Local’ they did provide an excellent service. I decided to have these solar panels fitted firstly to help with the environment, secondly to make best use of my finances (only getting a minimal return on bank investment) and long term to reduce the cost of my energy usage. Even if the quoted 10% return was not realised the return is going to vastly improve on my current situation. I have been very pleased so far with the installation and it has changed the way we use electricity – now we use much more in the daytime when the solar panels are producing. The previous use at night time for washing machines etc. has now stopped. I hope this information is useful to you. Thank you for your assistance in the matter”

Pam Bushell posted on ECO experts (Solar PV)

“I have had the Solar Panels fitted by EEC thank you for letting us have their name. I have also since read that the price has dropped from companies half way I suppose because of August the 1st going past. I did not choose the cheapest company as EEC said at least they will be around for enough years to ensure if anything goes wrong they will still be around to put it right, well I hope so anyhow.”

Roy Theobald posted on ECO experts (Solar PV)

“I was put in touch with a number of Solar PV suppliers as a result of contacting the eco experts, some much better than others at presenting themselves, and following on from that I now have a 4KW system, installed very quickly by EEC Solar, of Southport. I can’t recommend this company highly enough. Their representative came and gave me very thorough presentation using a laptop, which explained everything I needed to know, and he also asked me regularly if I understood what he was saying, and did I need to ask about anything. One other company sent a representative but he was only here for about half an hour, and left me with a few A4 pages to read. He seemed to focus mainly on the type of panels they used, which he claimed were “the best”. Another comapny just sent me an email, and British Gas first ‘phoned long after the system had been installed! Much too late. The early bird catches the worm? So thanks to the ECO experts I was put in touch with a good company who have given me a good service.”

Mr Michael Lee posted on Price Engines (Solar PV)

“pleasant, experienced person, but unable to offer viable solution.

Mr Thompson posted on Price Engines (Solar PV)

“prompt and answered all my questions unambiguously. Did not progress with quote due to change in prioities.”

Mrs V Bannister posted on Price Engines (Solar PV)

“efficient, loved the booklet showing all the company provides, good quote price and seemed honest for a sales person. Felt we could ask anything and we would get the correct answer not just sales patter. Haven\’t received a quote in writing though??”

Mr Derek Iveson posted on Price Engines (Solar PV)

“Kevin came to see me and was professional and a nice man. Gave a good quote and was very informative. Have had quite a few companies to give quotes and this was one of the three best ones that I have had.”

Mr John Carter posted on Price Engines (Solar PV)

“have been a delight to deal with fistly over the phone when talking to Andrew Camp who outlined my requirements and gave me a presurvey offer. Then Jeremy Todd came to survey my property and was most informative and efficient and pleasant in his manner. So far I would recommend without hesitation.”

Mr. Burton posted on Price Engines (Solar PV)

“efficient and professional installation, 1 day to install and no disruption. Very friendly professional installers who worked as a team and just got on with it. Provided everything I asked for at a sensible price.”

Mrs. Dunbar posted on Price Engines (Solar PV)

“very helpful sales person visited. He was well informed, listened carefully to our questions and was in general a delight to deal with. In the end we signed up with a company that had supplied people we know. With the same information they gave a better return on investment. Also we could see the exact numbers for two years of harvesting. However if it had not been for that new information, we would definitely have chosen EEC Solar.”

Mr Parton posted on Price Engines (Solar PV)

“representative was first class, but unfortunately the quote was £400 greater than that for a similar installation from another company.”

Mr Irons posted on Price Engines (Solar PV)

“Quick response & competitive quote”

Mr. Donald Blake posted on Price Engines (Solar PV)

“good company,and if I wished to buy would be a good choice.However I am looking for free solar panels.”

Mr. Hooper posted on Price Engines (Solar PV)

“prompt response. Helpful, polite & clear. Surprised me by offering a prompt internet quotation using software that allowed roof measurement via Google mapping. A comprehensive email arrived with informative attachments and a sensible quotation. A callback was arranged to answer questions and discuss quotation. No pressure was applied. A visit by surveyor was offered but declined.It subsequently became clear that solar panels were not for us.A pleasant experience.”

Mr Bedfordshire posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Very high quality install and has been working excellent since day one. I was referred from my neighbour who also feels the way I do”

Mr Amos posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Well satisfied”

Mr and Mrs Walsh posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“A very professional company to deal with”

Mr and Mrs Hawkins posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Very pleased with Adam and the after service”

Mr Norman posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Everything went fine no problems”

Mr Bradley posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Even though we have had a bad year for weather I am well on target for what I was told I should generate. Very professional, efficient and tidy workers”

Peter Smith posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“I found all staff to be very helpful at all times and the office staff were a godsend to us with their comments to the electricity co in helping them find our application”

Malcolm Hector posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Good detail on the sales proposal, and the fitters had one or two problems and broke a panel, but another was sent overnight from Liverpool and fitted the next morning. No promblems with the system since installation”

ADSH007 posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“EEC Solar were one of 4 companies I asked to quote and the only one to give a view that the position of the panels would not be correct. As a result of the advice and validation from a surveyor, the EEC opinion was correct. That alone caused me to go with EEC Solar even though they were not the lowest cost. It was a great decision and then the service throughout the entire process proved the decision to be correct. EEC were more than I expected in a market widely populated by cowboys and their after install care, paperwork and administration were second to none. Yes a very positive review, but I based upon my experience, you cannot go wrong with EEC. The Sales Manager who first visited was outstanding – caring about getting it right before anything else”

Susten posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“From the first point of contact after enquiring on EEC`s website the process ran smoothly. The reprenatative called at the appointed time calculated our instalaltipon quoted and fast tracked the application after giving us an hour to talk it over he came back. The installation date was agreed two days after and this went ahead on the day specified. The documentaion was organised by an efficient team back at the office and it wasn`t long before we had been accepted by NP power for feed in tarrif. Can`t fault these people in their efficiency”

Mr and Mrs Ludgate posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Extremely professional and efficient. Made sure we were aware of all stages and everything went as planned”

Gaynor Beckett posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“We were very happy with the service from start to finish the workmen couldn’t have been more efficient, made no mess finished the installation in one day. The office staff were helpful at all times. Would and have recommended them to all our friends”

Tish Lochart posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Very happy all round. Fitted within the day and everything explained fully”

Susansmart posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Everyone who I have dealt with has been very pleasant and helpful. i was amazed how quickly and efficiently the product was installed. The scaffolding was removed on the day of the installation which I was pleased about as on other installations in my road by other suppliers the scaffolding has been left up for weeks”

Mr Day posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Despite some reservations due to some things on the internet about this company I can only say that I only have the highest opinion of EEC solar. Their service was/is first class. There was no undue pressure to buy. They gave the lowest price from 3 companies, including one local, and they gave the shortest lead-time. The salesman, Alex, was very polite, professional and informed. The fitters were amazing, working straight through without a break and without a mess. Most amazing of all is that they did this from Southport, Liverpool to the Isle of Wight for no extra cost or fuss. They deserve to be number one (and indeed are)”

Mr Bridger posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Team of two turned up and went straight to work. They were polite, and explained any question. Excellent! (On 15 solar panel I have made 3,691 units in one year)

Angus Napier posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“thorough and professional”

Balcassie posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Efficient and effective and no mess”

Mr Barallon posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“I am very pleased with them”

Anonymous posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“We got our install just before the tariff changed to 21p and the installers had to work in the pouring rain to get the job finished on time. Fantastic installers did not leave a mess”

Anonymous posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“My summer quarter payment was just £700, install was fine all want as planned, would recommend to friends and family”

Anonymous posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Service went really well you had the install done whilst I was at work and my parents looked after them, we came it was completed and all tidied up”

Anonymous posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“We took a big gamble just before the deadline and that the installers had to work through bad weather, a small mistake during install but it was fixed right away. A very good company.”

Anonymous posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

A very efficiency installation with no problems-took less than half a day”

Mr Litten posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“I have no hesitation in recommending EEC and already have to one of my friends”

Mrs Black posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“EEC did a very good job with no fuss. Installers were very tidy with minimum disruption”

Mrs Mills posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“We are very happy with our experience dealing with EEC Solar”

Mr Knowles posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“I have hit my annual target with a month to spare. A fantastic investment and compared to other investments for the same outlay it is second to none. I enjoyed watching my meter going backwards!”

Mr Eastham posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“What made me chose EEC Solar was the the timescale I had left to install and register my system to get the 43.3p. EEC kept every promise they made to get it all completed in time. Also we did have minor problem a couple of months later and they had someone out to me within 48 hours of my call

Mrs Milligan posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“They were all very professional and thorough and efficient. Everyone involved was extremely helpful, patient and courteous. The printed material is reassuring and leaves no ‘grey areas’. The whole installation was flawless”

Mr Lines posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“In October 2011 when my wife and I were considering Solar Power we invited five recommend site companies to come and talk to us about Solar Energy. We had heard so many differing opinions so we needed to find out ourselves because at first we did not believe what we were hearing. Each company was given a two hour time slot to give us a presentation and quotation. After we had all of the information, because of the wide range of prices we eliminated the highest and the lowest, leaving three which appeared to be the market place price, but we invited what we considered the most professional approach. The salesman seemed to give us all the information and was able to answer all our questions without reference to notes or phoning base. This was a calculated risk, we liked and believed what we heard and so decided to place our order with EEC Solar. Considerable pressure was then applied to Solar Panel Suppliers to meet a new deadline because of the change of the FiT. EEC Solar did what they promised with the installation and having now had the system for about ten months we are looking forward to exceeding the generation predicted which was calculated during our very first meeting. Two friends through our recommendation also engaged EEC Solar and had systems fitted . We are very satisfied and delighted with our investment Throughout the period EEC have monitored our opinions and our systems readings. It was a pleasure to deal with the company and all of the personnel who worked on the project both on site and back at base”

Mrs Littlejohn posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Very good firm to deal with. The last question only gets a 4 star rating because I haven’t had the panels long and don’t know quite how much to expect of them”

Mr and Mrs Corrigan posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Always helpful from the start best value for money installers were excellent “

Chris Howells posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“The company were very professional and the staff very helpful and knowledgeable. The fitters worked very hard and did a great job and did exactly as we requested. The after support was great and over all all staff gave us a lot of confidence in the product we bought and advised us well. I would recommend this company above all others in a sea of companies in this field. Many thanks to Alex for all his help and support!”

Mr Gurteen posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“EEC Solar are an excellent company. Their customer care and support is fantastic. We are delighted with the income and savings we are making with our solar panels.”

Mr and Mrs Frost posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Very good, everybody we spoke to worked hard from start to finish I am very pleased”

Mr and Mrs Taylor posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Excellent company to deal with”

Mr and Mrs Fordham posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“They did the job professionally and the install was neat. No problems or complaints”

Mrs Sear posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“I am totally satisfied, the installers were wonderful”

Mr Blundy posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“The EEC was very understanding and patient when I had problem paying the outstanding balance after it was installed because of a mix-up on my behalf. A very good company to deal with”

Mr and Mrs Radcliffe posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Installation was first class knew exactly what they were doing. Very pleased with the the free electrical test”

Mrs Baldry posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“I found the gentleman were very polite and clean and tidy-no complaints what so ever-explained everything what they were doing step by step”

Peter Denton posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“The support from EEC Solar has been excellent. The guys from the Sales to the Installers were able to answer any questions quickly and to my satisfaction. Quotation and installation period was very good”

Trevbrad posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“The Rep was very good and what he promised they delivered”

Mrs Smith posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“I bought my security of this firm at first and was happy with all aspects of their services so I also placed an order for solar pv. They took down my very old solar thermal panels that were up there within the price quoted. Everything was carried out to my satisfaction and I am very happy”

Mrs Guy posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“The chaps that fitted were very good, apart from turning up late because of accident on the motorway, but did everything to my satisfaction, in fact I had some broken tiles before they came that they replaced free of charge whilst they were up there. Very good. Very pleased with everything.”

Mrs Dewhirst posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“We found everyone polite and courteous and I liked the fact that no-one was pushy which I have found with other companies I have bought from and quotes off.”

Mr Abdulla posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“The installers did a job and they left the area clean”

Mr and Mrs Stephens posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“The installers were outstanding and we know there is an aftersales department but we have not had to use them yet!”

Mr Morris posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“We have a top service from EEC Solar”

Mr Long posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“We are happy with everything EEC did and even more happier when our tariff wnet up to 5.2% in April because of inflation!”

Dr Miller posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“I am delighted with EEC Solar and my investment”

Mr Windsor posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“They were excellent and did everything on time.”

Anonymous posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Happy, knew what they were doing, everyone I dealt with was polite and knowledgeable and very easy to deal with.”

Anonymous  posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“I am very happy with EEC Solar and would recommend anybody looking into solar to at least get a quote from this Company. “

Mrs Dowson posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“The whole thing has been problem free and I am happy.”

Mrs Fox posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“We have been highly satisfied”

Mr James posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“The installers were very good and did the work extremely well”

Mr and Mrs Lynch posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“I would recommend EEC Solar to everybody”

Mrs Russell posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“I had 3 quotes when I was enquiring for my solar PV system including EEC Solar’s and EEC was the only company that never pushed me to make a decision, that is why I chose them.”

Anonymous posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“It has exceeded what I expected and I hope next year is even better.”

Geoff Underwood posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Were very efficient and helpful. Not pushy and carried out the installation as scheduled. Would recommend this Company to everyone. This company presented the system in the most professional manner of all the companies quoting.”

Pete C posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Efficient, proficient and courteous. Worth noting that if you have a problem and live in a remote area response time might take a while. However the only company that was willing of those recommended at time to install in this part of Argy!!.”

Mr Harries posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“I have to say EEC exceeds the 5 stars available to mark, I can not fault anything that they have done. I did not shop around I was recommended by a friend and glad I dealt with EEC Solar.”

Mr & Mrs Purser posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“It is a very good long term I don’t understand why more people are not doing it is the future.”

Mr & Mrs Bennett posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Its early days but the system is running good and the after sales have been very supportive.”

Mr Wiley posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Fully satisfied with the service from the start, installation and the aftersales.”

Mr & Mrs Burns posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“EEC have always been on the end of the line when we have need them, a really good company.”

W D Noble posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Supplier very professional, amiable, thorough and executed the installation in a timely fashion.”

Mr Caminad posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Efficient and kept me well informed at all times, a superb after-sales department. brilliant installers. I have already recommended 4 people and received £200 each on the referral scheme.”

Mr Jepson posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“The investment is covering both my gas and electricity plus and extra £250-£300 and get around 12% back on my investment each year. Very pleased with EEC Solar the process was very smooth with no pressure from anyone.”

Mr Spreckley posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“We are happy with everything EEC did and even more happier when our tariff went up to 5.2% in April because of inflation!.”

Mr Spreckley posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Did everything they said they would, they even stayed in touch to monitor the system, I have reached what they estimated I would generate in a year already with a month to spare and have recommended them to my friends and family already.”

Mr Wyatt posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“I am delighted with EEC Solar and my investment.”

Mr Wyatt posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“The advisor was really down to earth, explained everything well, not the cheapest but good value for what I got from the service and product so I bought 2 systems.”

Mr Soave posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“The installers were excellent, everybody I dealt with was really nice. I was happy with the install but when it came to read the meter I realised it was a bit of an effort so I rang EEC to tell them and they came straight away and moved it to an easier location free of charge.

Mr Briggs posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Super investment. Excellent company to deal with so I bought 4 systems.”

Mrs Waring posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“100% happy with the product and is living up to all expectations.”

Mr & Mrs Rollings posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“The advisor was brilliant and the boys who came to fit the panels were too.”

Mr Sanders posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Happy with the product and that I got it in before the tariff dropped thanks to this company. In my circumstances it is covering my electricity and gas bills.”

Mr & Mrs Davidson posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“I found EEC one of the few companies I would recommend and use again. they were so professional and polite and did when and what they said they would. After my install was complete somebody from Head Office came to check the quality of the work which I was happy with anyway, but spotted a broken tile which I never noticed and replaced it straight away.”

Mr & Mrs Hay posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Really pleased with EEC and their workmanship. the best investment I have ever made.”

Mr Baker posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“The service is outstanding, I bought a solar thermal system from another company 3 months before having a survey for solar pv from EEC Solar and EEC pointed out they had fitted it on a north facing roof and explained it would be better to move it on to a different roof they included that in their quote. The other company that quoted me ripped in to EEC Solar and gave me a “special price” to sign up on the day so I threw him out.”

Mr & Mrs Carter posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Full marks, perfect in every way, efficient and did everything exactly to how they said they would.”

Mr Murphy posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“I had 3 quotes and even though I was happy with everything Adam did from EEC Solar I signed up and paid a deposit with a local company as I thought I was getting a better deal, they were claiming I could install 3 x 4kwp (12kwp) because I have 3 phases and get the 21p tariff instead of 16.8p, if it was not for Adam’s experience I would of ended up getting an even lower rate of (15.2p) for going over the 10kwp. I had trouble getting my deposit back so Adam helped me cancel and I signed up with them. The installation was brilliant the installers were like machines and were so professional, they completed a 40 panel install within 2 days. After the install EEC have kept in touch to keep an eye on the system to make sure it is working well and I have already given Adam a couple of referrals and would highly recommend anyone who reads this to at least get a quote from EEC if they are looking for solar.”

Mrs Edwards posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Fantastic, just wish we had room for some more!.”

Mrs Tindale posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Very well co-ordinated, everything has been very good and pleasant, any questions we had was answered straight away with ease.”

Mr Rusby posted on YouGen (Solar PV) 

“I hit my estimated yearly generation from 23rd August 2011 to 23rd August 2012 even though the weather has been awful.”

Mr & Mrs Saunders posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“I think everything was very clear and the whole process was quick and efficient and now we just enjoy watching our meter turning and receiving our quarterly cheques which keep going up each April linked to inflation!”

Mr & Mrs Reynolds posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“We are both very pleased, our system is working wonderfully even through this bad weather.”

Mr Lock posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Excellent service and provided and did everything they said they would”

Mr & Mrs Day posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“We were very pleased from start to finish and completed well within timescale promised as we were due to go on holiday. Since then I have referred my brother an a friend from work and they are happy with their investments too!.”

Mrs Sparkes posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“I am very pleased I invested in solar and that I chose EEC Solar.”

Mrs Cawsey posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“I would highly recommend this company thoroughly professional.”

Mr & Mrs Payne posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“A very good, installation was professional, we are creating far more that what EEC told us even though we have not had good weather. The aftersales is very good too. Excellent.”

Mr James posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“At first I was a bit dubious about the whole idea, but I decided to take a chance and I am very glad I did. Lets hope the quarterly cheques keep coming. I am very pleased with what EEC Solar have done for me.”

Mrs Mossman posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Its working fine and I have achieved more than I was told.”

Mr & Mrs Harrison posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“They were on time, there was a lot of pre-planning for scaffolding and the installation. very happy with everything really.”

Mrs. Menezes posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“All I can say is the salesman install team and after-sales team are all excellent. Glad I chose EEC.”

Mrs. Guy posted on YouGen (Solar Thermal)

“The installers were so cheerful in despite of working through cold and snowy weather, brilliant!”

Mr Manton posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“EEC Solar have been very good to me, very comprehensive and the engineers have been very helpful and kept in touch to make sure everything is working to their standards.”

Mrs Lord posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“From my experience EEC Solar was excellent, I was brand new to solar, did not have a clue and EEC explained everything simply and patiently. Very impressed and happy with everything.”

Mr & Mrs Hornby posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“We are very satisfied, I have not found anything bad to say about EEC Solar or the work they have done for me, but if I do I will definitely let them know!”

Mr & Mrs Ogden posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“From 7 panels I got paid £225 from the FiT and my electricity bill was only £51 for the quarter. I am very happy with EEC Solar and have referred them to my friends already.”

Mr & Mrs Kay posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“At the beginning we had trouble claiming the FiT but EEC helped us all the way.”

Mr & Mrs Bannister posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“I would recommend them to anybody.”

Mr Hill posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Just that we were very impressed with the service and installation, everything was completed within 10 days, we also had some remedial work done a few months later and was completely happy with everything. Excellent company to deal with.”

Mr Hunter posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Very efficient and quick, knew exactly what they were doing throughout the installation – no problems.”

Mr McCrudden posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“A good company to deal with 10 out of 10 satisfied with everything they did, no mess very efficient. I am now looking at buying solar thermal from EEC Solar.”

Mr Preece posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Very friendly and helpful, well on target to reach annual income generation.”

Mr Wallace posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“I was very pleased with the service the company provided and they were always available to talk to for any issues or questions I had.”

Mr Woodcock posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Everything they did was excellent and went to plan, straight forward and honest about figures and everything.”

Mrs Whitehouse posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“I must admit all the guys worked long and hard and the girls based in the office were always on hand at any time. Very impressed.”

Mr Clark posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“I am very happy with what I have got I had my system installed just 3 days before the deadline and would of preferred a lower installation cost but EEC did everything they promised and I am well on target from what they predicted.”

Mr & Mrs Appleyard posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“A solid and reliable company. A problem occurred with the inverter early on but was resolved very quickly with no charge-really showed the quality of the company as they were determined to resolve it efficiently.”

Mrs Hamilton posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“I had my install done through the mad rush of the FiT dropping without notice, I was a bit concerned and worried but EEC remained clam, did everything they said they would efficient and thoroughly and were at the end of the phone every time I needed them.”

Mrs Bartlett posted on YouGen (Solar PV) 

“More than happy with the installation and making money. And I feel like I can get in touch whenever if I needed help or advice.”

Mrs Dubois posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Everyone I dealt with was polite and the installers were very tidy.”

Mrs Charlton posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Good product and I would highly recommend the investment and EEC Solar.”

Mrs MacKay posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Everything has been straight forward with no problems.”

Mr Hough posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“After sale service is excellent, no problems during the whole process.”

Mr Miley posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“System is running better than expected, I think EEC Solar is both effective and efficient.”

Mr & Mrs Mitchell posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Adam was very good and knew his product far better than the other salesman. We had a bit of a problem with EDF claiming the FiT and I rang EEC who helped me straight away to sort it. This company deserves to be highly recommended.”

Mr Moore & Miss Maguire posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Great service and would recommend, Adam the salesman was not pushy, knowledgeable and helpful and we ended up buying for multiple properties last year. Since then, we have noticed that the price of panels have tumbled by quite a lot.”

Mr Sanchez-Lopez posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Happy that I signed up to the 43.3p and now it is up to 45.5p a very good investment.”

Mr & Mrs Teart posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“My electricity bills have been more than halved and I get paid for what I generate. The salesman Adam has not only just sold me a product, he has sold me a solution that meets my needs – I am that happy I am on the process of placing an order for a more energy efficient boiler. I highly recommend this company.”

Mr & Mrs Beattie posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“We are delight with system, pleased with the investment and if it helps saving the planet that gives us a little bit of pride.”

Mr & Mrs Bamber posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Well, it all happened like explained, a 1 day installation, no mess, happy enough.”

Mr Wyllie posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“I had a few quotes and EEC was not the cheapest but I gave my business to them because they are an established company and likely to still be in business in the future if I have any problems with my system. The installers were very clean and tidy, no complaints at all.”

Mrs Vincent posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“I can’t fault EEC Solar in anyway, my husband did the scaffolding for some of the solar installations in our area and after speaking to the customers we decided to get a quote and placed an order. Since then we have generated more than expected and referred our son’s house and my Mum and Dad’s house who also has an installation now. They offered a £200 referral fee for each one but we requested they take it of the cost of the system with them being family.”

Mr Wall posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Very quick with no mistakes. Happy.”

Mr Mallard posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Very knowledgeable, very courteous there was a problem with one of the tiles after the installers left, but after I contacted EEC to explain they dealt with it straight away with no hesitation and replaced the broken tile I spotted. I am more than happy with my system and I am generating aroung 12% more than originally estimated per year.”

Mr Tone posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“It was done great, no problems and the system is running perfectly.”

Mr Anderson posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Everything was well organised and carried out with no problems what so ever. The after sales service is excellent as well reassuring everything had been carried out to my satisfaction.”

Mr Ironside posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Very happy with everything, everything is bang on. I need 100 more units before between now and the beginning of December to reach my target. 100% happy with EEC Solar.”

Mrs Young posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Just that the company did everything they said they would and our system is doing exactly what the company said it would do.”

Mr & Mrs Henley posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Extremely pleased with how the process went no complaints at all- referred neighbours and family.”

Mr. Reilly posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Think this company is fantastic from sales to the installation-honestly a first class company to deal with-over the moon.”

Mrs Shores posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Very good company to deal with and very efficient.”

Mr & Mrs Austen posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“There was a problem during installation as part of the scaffolding broke a window because the installers had to work through really bad weather, but it was very quickly tidied up and fixed with no charge which I was very relieved about. I think when things can go wrong shows the true colours of how good a company really is by how they deal with the issue and how quickly. I would recommend EEC Solar to anyone.”

Mr. Wade posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Boys who came to fit the panels were friendly and tidy would recommend to friends and family.”

Mr. Marshall posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Brilliant service, exceeds expectations, friendly guys, I am very happy.”

Mr Irvine posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“No problems what so ever, had a great experience with the company. 2 local companies came to quote but had a lack of knowledge and more expensive.”

Mr & Mrs Haycocks posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Had 3 quotes EEC were more expensive-but comparing guarantees, how long the companies were established and their choice of equipment we decided EEC was the right choice. We are more than pleased with our system and even referred our daughter who now has a system.”

Mr & Mrs Dawson posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Very helpful, very efficient-brilliant throughout, can not fault them, did the install 3 days before tariff changed and kept all promises made.”

Mr Maclver posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Did everything EEC solar said they would and installation was completed well within timescale with no problems. Would recommend to use.”

Anonymous of Merseyside posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“We got our install just before the tariff changed to 21p and the installers had to work in the pouring rain to get the job finished on time. Fantastic installers did not leave a mess.”

Mr Tombe posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Excellent to deal, no problems.”

Mrs Pert posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Installers were quick efficient, tidy, friendly and hard workers and explained the system brilliantly. Very impressed with quotation pack without any pressure selling-waited for me to get back to them in my own time.”

Mrs O’Brien posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“They were extremely helpful.”

Acrobbo posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Sales team. Efficient, knowledgeable clearly explained all aspects of the installation materials and process. No pressure sales used. Checked at all stages of the order process, head office follow-up to ensure clarity. Fitters. On time, and clearly experienced and well organised.”

Mr Thaine posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“I seen my neighbour having his fitted by EEC and rang the number on the advertising board, since then I recommended my other neighbour and got a £200 referral fee cheque and they got a £200 discount. Very pleased with my system, my last quarterly cheque was £700, last year I produced far more than estimated on my SAP calculation.”

Mr & Mrs Shaw posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Would recommend to anyone.”

Tim Hyde posted on YouGen (Commercial Solar PV)

“They understood the EPC regulations for commercial buildings better than their local competitor which enabled us to make the installation without major investment in other energy saving measures.”

Ian Schaff posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“If Carlsberg did solar energy it would be EEC Solar!” I have not come across such a professional, courteous and well organised company in a long time, and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. I am absolutely delighted with my installation and the after care service.”

Mathieson posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Excellent in all respects.”

AliBeth24 posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Very friendly, helpful and not pushy sales people, always willing to answer any questions or concerns, explained how everything works and what is expected from you, appointments to suit you. progress check-up on completion, quick and clean installation.”

John Hindle posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“A knowledgeable team providing a hassle free service from first enquiry to final installation.”

Paul Lehrer posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“The sales personnel, installers and office personnel were very knowledgeable and courteous. The install was done for an excellent price; the install was completed in a day. The company worked closely to accommodate my needs and preferences I would decently recommend them.”

Jam Solar Scotland posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“I found the staff at EEC Solar to be friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and efficient. I feel I received a good quality product and installation at a very competitive price.”

Droosky posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Very satisfied with this company. I found the installers very helpful and it was all done in a day…..excellent. Have had no ongoing problems. Overall satisfactory experience.”

PJ Hennen posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“They were a very knowledgeable company who performed in a professional and efficient way from initial quote to installation.”

Roger Chambers posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“We contacted this firm only 10 days before the deadline of 31st July when the prices for electricity were due to fall. From the time of contact we were kept informed of all that would be required from us and explanations from a very professional team. The installation itself went very smoothly and any questions we had were answered immediately. We were guided through all the form filling and the follow up has been first class. We know that we are only a (free) phone call away from any help or queries we may have in the future.”

Gibbo posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“I would recommend EEC solar to any future customer, a very efficient and experienced company who provide excellent competitive prices . my installation was completed in a professional manor with no mess left at all . my JA solar panels have been producing well and we’re well on our way to reaching our yearly estimated target.”

Twinkle posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Excellent. EEC Solar were efficient throughout.”

NGK posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“This is a truly professional company with their experts being truly experts rather than sales people. Installers are very professional and helpful. After sales service and documentation are high quality.”

Evan posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Happy with the way this company explained system and installation prior to quotation and were extremely helpful pre and post installation.”

Barry 2012 posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Installation went forward with no problems a time and date to suite me. Impressed with the manner of quote which was given without a home visit and was held with no late additions. Overall I have have no hesitation in strongly recomending these installers.”

Shella posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Very knowledgeable and up to date in all areas of my intended installation. Kept me informed of every stage from start to finish and made sure that i knew how the installation worked and how to go about the feed in no time was i pressured into making a purchase from eec solar,i was given time to go away and think about the intended system before i was asked if I would like to go ahead.”

S. Mack posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Very, quick and efficient service without being pushy. Explained the technology to me well. Installation was simple and the process to actually get our money back from electricity supplier went very smoothly. Very impressed with our first payment from our energy supplier. Thoroughly recommend this installer. S.Mack.”

DHK posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“EEC Solar fitted my PV panels on 11 November 2011. In my case their service was excellent from start to finish. The installers were excellent tradesmen, well mannered and very tidy. All in all – first class. I have three friends who also used EEC Solar for their installations and each of them had excellent service from this company.”

Jim Knight posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“This company fulfilled every promise that they made, They had it installed on the date they said, and that was with the logistic problem of my remote residence in the Orkney islands. The help in completing all paper work was first class. also the checks to see if we were completely satisfied was very reassuring. I have no hesitation in recommending this company.”

Trevor Watson posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“EEC provided excellent service. There was no pressure to make a decision which we have suffered with everyone else we had approached in some form or another. Their checking at each stage that we understood things and an opportunity also talk to their head office staff too at each stage ensures you feel comfortable with the work to be done.”

Grampian Travel posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Highly efficient. This was a last minute purchase and it was fitted same day with two-man team working into late night to complete their second installation of the day. We then had several follow-up calls from their head office to ensure that their staff had carried out the work to our satisfaction. Also that they had explained everything they were doing, were polite and had cleared up at the end of the job. We would be happy to recommend them to friends.”

Bishbosh posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Selected as they were the fastest and were happy to work via email, also willing to provide a discount on negotiation.”

Jimmie r posted on YouGen (Solar PV)

“Very professional efficient and clean workers. the office were very helpful checking that all the paper work was complete and up to date. An excellent company to do business with.”

Mr & Mrs Hodgkinson from Reading (Solar PV)

“I would like to thank your company for the installation of photo-voltaic panels. My very first feed-in-tariff reading produced a cheque for £200, and my first domestic electric meter reading since installation gave me a rebate of almost £300, which I call real money in these straightened times. I have long been an advocate of installing these panels but found it hard to overcome the natural defense of justifying the initial costs. Now I wish I had gone ahead much earlier. I had several company representatives visit me before chosing EEC as my providers, but I must say that I was most impressed by your own rep Darren Chadwick. Whereas other people were inclined to use pressurized tactics to secure an order, your man was more down to earth, well mannered and honest in his approach without any suspicion of inflating the known facts and general time wasting. All in all it was a pleasure to do business with him.”

Mr Newton from Redcar – (Solar PV)

“Solar panels have been fitted and I have been most pleased with my choice of your company to do the work. Fast, efficient, helpful, and courteous. In all, a joy to do business with. I have included the e-mail address of a friend who has 2 houses and is very interested in more information and a quote from you.”

Mr Hodson from Stourbridge – (Solar PV)

“I would like to thank you and the all the EEC team for your assistance and prompt support during this process, where from the telephone liaison team, surveyor and fitters you have all been very helpful and professional. Please pass on my thanks to all concerned.”

Mr & Mrs Bennett from Hertfordshire – (Solar PV)

“Had my solar panels installed yesterday, excellent, I’m very pleased. The electrician, Andy was very professional, very approachable, helpful, and everything he did was neat and tidy and looked good. Both guys worked a long day in Artic conditions and remained cheerful and focused. Many thanks.”

Mr & Mrs Nicholls from Leicestershire – (Solar PV)

“Just a few words to say thank you and how impressed I was with EEC’s service. The initial impression that we were dealing with a professional firm started with Daniel Pearson-Brown, he covered allaspects of the instillation and what to expect in the way of returns for our money very polite and informative. The scaffolding crew were polite, careful, quick and efficient. The electricians Andy Shee and his mate who spent time in the house installing, wiring and boards were thorough, clean, polite and helpful. The panel installers, Zac Ball’s team were equally efficient and polite. Last but not least the office girls who kept us informed with what was happening due to delays caused by the weather and checking that everything was completed to our satisfaction and helping with queries, thank you Melanie, the two Claire’s, Jocelyn and anyone else I have missed.I find it a shame that all company’s I deal with are not as competent and offer the level of service that EEC do.Thank you all.”

Mr & Mrs Henderson from Suffolk – (Solar PV)

“My wife and I wish to express our satisfaction with the way the work was carried out by Andy, Zac and two other colleagues. Everyone involved was efficient, courteous and respectful of our property. We were also given very clear information on the operation of the system. In addition Hannah Pinnington at your Head Office was particularly helpful and efficient. Our first contact with your company was Joe Tulip who carried out the original survey and as with the other staff was knowledgeable and helpful. Overall it has been a pleasure to deal with your company.

Mr Hesford from Carmarthenshire – (Solar PV)

“I was very impressed by the crew who carried out the installation, professional, polite and very competent in the work carried out. I’ll have no hesitation in recommending your company to other prospective customers. Please convey my sentiments to the crew involved including the sales person and Company CEO.”

Miss Whiteman from Somerset – (Solar PV)

“A poem to EEC Solar

I was surfing on the Internet One cold and dreary day,

I wanted to put my heating on,

But worried about the bills I’d have to pay,

I found a solar company,

Their name was EEC,

And a very nice and smart young man,

Came to explain Solar Energy to me,

Soon the installers came,

A nice and friendly crew In less than a day the work was don,e

Neat and tidy, and ultra efficient too,

So now these solar panels,

They put on my roof,

There’s an inverter and a meter,

All working – just as proof So to all these energy companies I’d like to say, Solar Power is the key,

And thanks to EEC Solar Well, now you’re paying me.”

Mr Phillips from Surrey – (Solar PV)

“I am writing to congratulate everybody at EEC Solar associated with the installation of my PV system for being prompt, professional and customer focused. I was particularly impressed by the electrician who supervised the installation work on the day for explaining everything asked of him and for the overall quality of the work done. I have also received very good service and feedback all the way through the process from initial meeting with the surveyor all the way through to customer service confirming dates and solutions to my queries. This has given me the confidence to pass on your company details to several friends and colleagues and I trust this will lead you to receiving more business.”

Mrs Proyer from Norfolk – (Solar PV)

“I was very impressed by the speed and efficiency the installation was completed. The roof panel installers arrived in the morning and immediately got on with their work in a cheerful way. In the afternoon Andy and Zac the electricians arrived and they also immediately got on with their work, they knew exactly what to do and efficiently completed the installation as quickly as possible without cutting corners. Andy showed me the electrical work he had done and explained to me what each item did, he was very patient with me as I knew very little about solar before I am very impressed and must say it is nice to deal with a company who do what they say they will. I would certainly recommend your company to anyone.”

Mr & Mrs Stephens from Carmarthenshire – (Solar PV)

“Just a short note to express out satisfaction on the completion of our solar installation. The installers were Barry Graham and Darren Gautrey, they were thoroughly professional at all times. They completed everything in one day and their work was neat and tidy.”

Mr & Mrs Pocock from Berkshire – (Solar PV)

“Following the installation of our solar panels at our property we would like to write to you to say how impressed we were with every aspect of the service you gave us. Your representative, Craig Vaughan was very professional in his approach and gave us a very clear presentation. We didn’t feel at all pressurized and were very happy to sign up to the package offered. Peter and Emlyn, the installers did a very good and tidy job and were cheerful throughout. The ladies in your office who contacted us from time to time were very helpful, and overall we are left with a good impression of your company. We would not hesitate to recommend you to others.”

Mr & Mrs Rushton from Barrow in Furness – (Solar PV)

“From initial site visit by Andy Looker through to dealing with the installation and the admin team we have been very impressed with your service. All at EEC have been polite and helpful throughout. We are very satisfied with our new system that has been installed with minimum disruption and to a high standard. Particular mention must go to Craig Ball who worked tirelessly to ensure that the system was installed to our complete satisfaction. After working non-stop to install the system Craig ensured that we fully understood how to operate it and complete all necessary paperwork. I would heartily recommend EEC to anyone considering installing a PV system. Thanks to all the team at EEC.”

Mr & Mrs Field from Great Yarmouth – (Solar PV)

“My husband and I would like to say a big thank you to the surveyor and the ‘A Team’ with Jacque and Andrew who were very polite, un-obtrusive and no mess and untidiness.”

Mr & Mrs Mills from York – (Solar PV)

“We would like to express particular praise for the work carried out by your electrician Craig Ball. We were most impressed with his skill, efficiency and total commitment in producing a neat first class job of the highest quality. He was extremely courteous, and kept us well informed throughout. You are fortunate to have such an excellent employee in your company”

Mr Cummings from Aberdeen – (Solar PV)

“Just a quick email to let you know that we had Jimmy and James with us yesterday to install the solar. They did a fantastic job and really went above and beyond what would be expected. They had to overcome a few challenges with our installation and did so in a very professionally. The whole process dealing with EEC has been extremely professional and painless – from Sue Tulips initial contact right through to installation. I would not hesitate to recommend your services and if you ever need a reference then feel free to use my details.”

Mr Harrison from Derbyshire – (Solar PV)

“I am writing again to praise your company for the excellent installation of our second Solar PV system. The team didn’t seam quite as experienced as the last one but we were proved wrong. Despite the extremely hot day and difficult working conditions the work was completed in excellent time and to a high standard. Our congratulations to all concerned.”

Mr Hawley from Staffordshire – (Solar PV & Electrical Works)

“I write following a survey by your representative and solar panels being installed along with an electrical inspection and that electrical work carried out in accordance with the inspection again by your firm. The purpose for this letter is to express my appreciation for the professional, competent yet pleasant manner by all persons involved, I can’t remember everyone by name – see list below:

Tom Maher

J. Ball and installation staff

D Harrison

S Harrison

Joe Lingard and colleague

Last but not least Shirley on the phone.”

Mrs Gates from Aylesbury – (Alarm)

“Today I had Scott and Jamie visit to do a service on my alarm system. They were very nice guys, very pleasant to converse with and we also had a laugh. Please thank them very much.”

Mr & Mrs Patel from Walsall – (Solar PV)

“We’d like to extend our sincere thanks to the engineers who installed our system – Andy, Zac and Malik who were utterly professional in the manner they carried out the installation. They’re a testament in the way EEC conduct their business, a very professional organization, that I’d have no hesitation in recommending to others.”

Mr & Mrs Kenall from Bristol – (Solar PV)

“We are more than pleased with the customer relations, technical installation and after sales service provided by your company. We have been particularly impressed by Darren Chadwick , who has become virtually a family friend by the way he willingly handles any queries. It is reassuring to know that we are able to telephone Darren at anytime should the need arise, possible system enlargement or for friends anxious to know about the services provided by EEC. Clearly the firm attaches great importance to recruiting the right peoples with staff training and company business procedures given absolute priorities.”

Ms Williams from Kent – (Solar PV)

“Dear Lauren, I want to thank you so much for your care , help and information while my solar panels were being installed. The whole team have been helpful, please thank them for me. You have made me feel confident that should anything go wrong you would be there to help.”

Mr Cowell from Kent – (Solar PV)

“I would like to express my gratitude to your company, especially to your very special representative Darren Chadwick. Through him we have never had a moment of concern, and now, over a month past the time he walked through our door, he has delivered through you all that was expected, in providing our very own solar system, and by God how well it is performing. You are very lucky having Darren working for you, he is smart in appearance, goes the extra mile in answering all questions, and delivers, so you get from him exactly what it says on the tin. Please express my sincere thanks to him for all that he did for me. I am a very satisfied customer of yours.”

Mr & Mrs Hunt from West Midlands – (Solar PV)

“I wish you to know how pleased I am with the way the system was installed by Dave Soanes, Les Roberts, and the two plumbers Carl and Bob who moved a solar hot water panel.”

Mr & Mrs Henley from Surrey – (Solar PV)

“Further to my telephone conversation last Saturday morning herewith a little note to formally thank you all at EEC for the help and service you have given us over the past 2 or 3 weeks. As I did say to you I cannot recall everyone’s name that I spoke to but a reminder of those that I can, Alex (quote), Ian (survey), Emalyn and Jim (installation), Elaine and others (Head Office Support Team) have all been polite, informative and helpful to an extreme. I understand that you may have already advised some of there individuals of my report to you but I would ask that you pass on this letter of thanks to the highest level you consider appropriate. I believe the management personnel should be made aware of the success of the company training and background ‘ethos’, as it is very much ‘alive and well’ in terms of customer relations.”